Welcome to the blog of the Reference Department at the McAllen Public Library! We will be posting news about the library and the community, helpful resources, book reviews, topics related to the library, etc.  Anything that we find interesting or think that our patrons will find interesting!
But first, a little bit of an introduction to what it is to be a librarian. Librarians must have a Master’s degree in Library Science from a graduate school accredited by the American Library Association. Some librarians even have a second Master’s degree in another subject. Although we wish we could spend all day reading, most librarians do not read any books while we are at work! We are busy providing reference service to our patrons, planning programs, teaching classes, preparing budgets, ordering and cataloging books, and finding more digital resources for our patrons. Oh yes, and reserving and opening study rooms, of course. There are many different types of librarians and we work in many different kinds of libraries- Reference Librarians, Technical Services Librarians, Digital Projects Librarians- and we can work in public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries, research libraries, corporate libraries, legal libraries, medical libraries, government libraries, you get the picture! It is a very diverse field. If you would like to find out more, look at this entry for librarians in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. And if you are interested in becoming a librarian and would like more information about library science graduate programs, check out this page from the American Library Association.

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. You could also mention that librarians are just about the coolest people on the planet because they have such a wide range of interests and abilities. Invite librarians to your next party and you'll have a blast!


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