The Case of the Curious Chihuahua

Last week the McAllen Public Library received a very unexpected visitor- a chihuahua with very literary aspirations.  On Wednesday, November 26th in the early afternoon, my fellow librarians and I heard what sounded like a small dog barking towards the front of the library.  Those of you who have been to the library will know, but for those of you who have not, it is a huge building, so I could not immediately see what was happening.  However, the barking continued, and suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye a small chihuahua running at top speed past the DVD’s, behind the Reference Desk, into the Reference shelves, then head through Fiction towards the Teen Room in the opposite corner of the building.  Some kind-hearted teenagers were in hot pursuit trying to help, but the poor chihuahua was terrified and running faster than I have ever seen any dog run.  It finally found refuge in the Teen Room, where staff was better able to enclose it.  Our Children’s Librarian AKA The Chihuahua Whisperer was able to calm him/her down by using his jacket like a Thundershirt (yes that’s a real thing).  Unfortunately, due to the chihuahua’s high stress level, the jacket did not make it out of the situation quite as clean as it was before, but it’s all in a day’s work for a Librarian AKA Chihuahua Whisperer.
The Chihuahua Whisperer and his Thunderblanket
At this point, Animal Control had to be called because the chihuahua’s owners were nowhere in or around the library.  Much as we would love to have an official library pet- maybe Chico the MPL Chihuahua, like Dewey Readmore Books at a public library in Iowa- we needed to give the chihuahua to the proper authorities so that he/she could either be reunited with his/her family or be adopted by a new one.
Unfortunately, we do not know with certainty where this particular chihuahua was taken, but it was probably to Palm Valley Animal Center.  As of this morning, December 4th, the chihuahua is not listed on their website as being available for adoption.  We are assuming/hoping this means that he/she was reunited with family or has already been adopted.
However, there are hundreds of homeless dogs in the McAllen area, many of which are just waiting for a kind and loving home like yours.  If you are ready to add a furry new member to your family, check out the Palm Valley Animal Center.  Even if Chico the MPL Chihuahua is not there, some other kindred spirit might find you.

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