Pets: Winter Safety Tips

The McAllen Public Library is pleased to partner with Palm Valley Animal Center to bring an ongoing series of pet and animal education programs to our shared communities.  Each month, the library will host a session led by educators from PVAC on many important topics, such as the program on winter weather safety that will be held this coming Saturday, December 19th from 3-4pm at the Main Library.

Winter Pet Program final

You can read about some of the commonly recommended safety tips here in one of last year’s blog posts, but attendees at this session will also learn about the local laws and ordinances in place to protect pets and animals from the hazards of extreme high or low temperatures.  Everyone who cares for pets or other animals is welcome to attend the session, including families and children.

If you missed PVAC’s November program on pet adoption and responsible pet ownership, you can access the presentation at this link:  “Why adopt?”

We hope to see you Saturday at the main library!  Come out and support Palm Valley Animal Shelter and the great work they are doing for our community and for animals in the valley.

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