December Staff Recommendations

Come on by your favorite MPL location and enjoy the latest selection of books, Blu-ray’s and DVD’s recommended by our dedicated staff!

December Staff Recommendations



  • Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia. [Palm View Branch] “One evening Owen Zastava Pitt got to live the American Dream: he got to throw his jerk of a boss out of a fourteenth story window.” ~Helen
  • Room: A Novel, by Emma Donoghue. [Palm View Branch] “This book really shows the trauma that is caused by abuse. It helped me understand that when one gets out of that kind of situation, it is a work in progress.” ~Joanna
  • The Girl from Venice, by Martin Cruz Smith. [Main Library] “Martin Cruz Smith’s latest book is a historical spy novel set around Venice, Italy at the end of World War II. There is romance, fascism, war, black market forgery, and even fishing. Any fan of World War II historical novels will enjoy this.” ~Julia
  • Silent Night: A Spenser Holiday Novel, by Robert B. Parker. [Main Library] “Robert B. Parker’s last novel, completed after his death by his longtime agent, Helen Brann. Spenser and Hawk do the Father Flanagan thing as part of a case for local non-profit.” ~John D.

Young Adult Fiction

  • Ash, by Malinda Lo. [Main Library] “A riveting reimagining of Cinderella where the protagonist is a bisexual girl learning to love not only others but also herself.”  ~Alison
  • The Scorpion Races, by Maggie Stiefvater. [Palm View Branch] “A story of a horse race like no other. These majestic water horses come out of the sea, with the same amount of desire to win a land race as to eat their rider. Inspired by Celtic legend of the “Capaill Uisce,” the mythical water horse, this Teen novel is perfect for all ages.” ~Rolando

Science Fiction

  • The Dragon and the George, by Gordon R. Dickson. [Main Library] “The story of a man transported to a fantasy world, but with an unusual twist – a light and fun read.”  ~Robert B.
  • Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett. [Main Library] “One of the many books in Pratchett’s long running Discworld series, this one can be read fairly easily as a stand-alone story and is just an all around excellent comedic fantasy story.”  ~Robert B.


  • We Have Always Lived In the Castle, by Shirley Jackson. [Main Library] “A haunting tale that is so bizarre that it feels too real in its portrayal of family and humanity.”  ~Alison

Children’s Fiction

  • 100 Cupboards, by N.D. Wilson. [Palm View Branch] “In a small Kansas town, is a home with hidden doors that reach out to amazing new worlds. Book one in the trilogy introduces the reader to a series with auspicious storytelling and adventure. Written for children, but with enough story development to capture the imaginations of adults.” ~Rolando


  • The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman. [Electronic Branch] “Book 1 of Philip Pullman’s HIS DARK MATERIALS series engages readers by their following the adventures and intrigue of a young girl named Lyra and her daemon, Pan through a world much like our own, but in many ways not. Read the story with a jacket on because you are going to feel the chill running from your inside, out.”  ~Rolando
  • The Subtle Knife, by Philip Pullman. [Electronic Branch] “The sequel of Philip Pullman’s HIS DARK MATERIALS series brings readers out of Lyra and her daemon, Pan’s world where they find a boy named Will who is searching for his lost father. When evil forces cause their world’s collide, what sacrifices will be made to make things right again?”  ~Rolando


  • Eat Mexico, by Lesley Tellez. [Palm View Branch]  “Excellent book…recipes from Mexico’s streets.” ~Yolanda
  • The Truth (With Jokes), by Al Franken. [Lark Branch]  “It is interesting to read Franken’s thoughts on politics before he became a Senator.” ~Sean

Children’s Nonfiction


  • First Man, by Simon Schwartz. [Main Library] “African American Matthew Henson bravely served on the Peary team in search of the North Pole in this fact-based, turn-of-the-20th Century comic.” ~Kate


  • Lioness Hidden Treasures, by Amy Winehouse. [Palm View Branch] “Amy Winehouse has one of the best soulful voices and her contribution to the music industry will always be remembered.” ~Veronica
  • Best of Bowie, by David Bowie. [Lark Branch] “It is a collection of David Bowie’s best known songs.” ~ Sean
  • Hable en una semana Ingles, by Donald S. Rivera. [Palm View Branch] “Una manera de aprender conversación en ingles facilmente con estos audiolibros.” ~ Veronica


  • In Her Shoes, directed by Curtis Hanson. [Palm View Branch] “It shoes that people can change, even when we doesn’t believe they can.” ~Joanna
  • Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams. [Main Library] “This is a film I would watch over and over again. Every part of this movie is heartwarming and thrilling, just excellent.” ~Leslie C.

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