February Staff Recommendations

Come on by your favorite MPL location and enjoy the latest selection of books, Blu-ray’s and DVD’s recommended by our dedicated staff!

February Staff Recommendations



  • Monster Hunter: Vendetta, by Larry Correia. [Palm View Branch] “Owen Zastava Pitt is back, and this time he has to keep the elder gods of the Cthulhu mythos from taking over our reality. At least this time he has some help in the form of Frankenstein’s monster.” ~Helen
  • Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, by Fannie Flagg. [Main Library] “Meet the characters of fictional Whistle Stop, Alabama as they live through good times and bad in the 1930s and 1940s. Fannie Flagg is a great story teller and this book allows to feel as if we were there. The movie based on this book is very good but the book is even better!” ~Beverly
  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle, by George V. Higgins. [Palm View Branch] “Small-time gun-runner Eddie ‘Fingers’ Coyle navigates the Boston underworld. Noted author Elmore Leonard described it; “The best crime novel ever written–makes The Maltese Falcon read like Nancy Drew.” ~John D.
  • Small Admissions, by Amy Poeppel. [Main Library] “This book is the story of three women who are friends from Wellesley College and move to New York City after college. It explores how their romantic relationships, family, and careers affect their friendship.” ~Julia

Science Fiction

  • The Gate of Ivrel, by C.J. Cherryh. [Main Library] “The first part of a trilogy, Cherryh weaves together science fiction and fantasy into an interesting blend in this somewhat melancholy tale.” ~Robert B.
  • Berserker, by Fred Thomas Saberhagen. [Main Library] “A series of excellently written science fiction short stories about humanity having to deal with a number of ancient machines which had been created thousands, or millions, of years ago with the sole purpose of wiping out all life they encounter.” ~Robert B.
  • Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel. [Main Library] “It’s been a while since I lost myself so thoroughly in a book that I didn’t notice half the day had gone by… Station Eleven hooked me and before I knew it I had read half the book and the morning was gone. It’s a thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable read for sci-fi fans.” ~Heather

Graphic Novel

  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties, by Fabio Moon. [Main Library] “Strange tale of two adolescent boys trying to figure out the opposite sex, at a party, where things aren’t quite what they seem.”  ~Bobby

Young Adult Fiction

  • Anna Dressed in Blood, by Kendare Blake. [Palm View Branch] “Young ghost hunter finds ghost, falls in love, and must fight to defend her in this supernatural romance.”  ~Helen
  • Historia de una gaviota y del gato que le enseno a volar, by Luis Sepulveda. [Palm View Branch] “Con ternura y sentido del humor este libro nos demuestra que el amor puede superar hasta las mas grandes diferiencias!” ~Maria

Children’s Fiction

  • How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero, by Cressida Cowell. [Palm View Branch] “Read about Hiccup’s adventures as he is in hiding with the company of dragon mark and the adventure they take in order for Hiccup to become the king of the wilder west. This book is recommended for AR readers level 6 and up and has a points level of 8.” ~Joanna

Children’s Easy Books

  • The Enemy: A Book About Peace, by Davide Cali. [Main Library] “This is a book that everyone should read. Adults, children, everyone. It summarizes the problems with war and “us vs them” mentality in ways that are simple but poignant. It’s beautiful and bittersweet and one of my new favorite picture books ever.”  ~Heather
  • A Charlie Brown Valentine, by Charles M. Schulz. [Palm View Branch] “For all those Peanuts lovers , read about Charlie Brown’s Valentine adventures. A great book for children who want to learn who Charlie Brown truly likes. See his adventure as he works at giving and receiving a valentine from the little red haired girl.” ~Joanna


  • The Final Empire, by Brandon Sanderson. [Electronic Branch] “The Skaa are slaves who have been living in misery and fear for a thousand years under the Lord Ruler. Kelsier, a Mistborn, thief and natural leader becomes the provocateur of a Skaa rebellion to overthrow the Lord Ruler. While recruiting the underworld’s best allomancers and Skaa warriors, Kelsier stumbles upon a half-Skaa orphan girl who’s allomancing abilities are stronger than any he has found.”  ~Rolando
  • Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, by Brandon Sanderson. [Electronic Branch] “Alcatraz Smedry receives a bag of sand by mail, on his thirteenth birthday, which is really his only inheritance from his long missing parents. He soon realizes that this is not ordinary bag of sand, because a cult of evil librarians quickly steals it from him. Alcatraz must combat these villains by using his unusually special talent of breaking things.”  ~Rolando


  • To Selena, With Love, by Chris Perez. [Palm View Branch] “I enjoyed the pictures that were included in the book. You get a better understanding of the relationship Selena had with Chris Perez and the struggles they faced.” ~Joanna


  • The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson. [Main Library] “True crime fans will appreciate this book as it highlights one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. The name “serial killer” was coined specifically for this person, H. H. Holmes. Larson tells in disturbing detail about the true accounts of H. H. Holmes and his macabre antics during a time in which Chicago was at the heights of its popularity. It alternates between the light affairs of the World’s Fair and the dark actions of cold-blood murder.” ~Raquel
  • The Tacos of Texas, by Mando Rayo. [Palm View Branch]  “Book is fun to read, informative plus it has yummy recipes.” ~Yolanda
  • Forgiveness: A Memoir, by Chiquis Rivera. [Palm View Branch]  “I really enjoyed how honest she was through out the book .You really get an understanding of who she is as a person.” ~Joanna
  • Border Cantos, by Richard Misrach & Guillermo Galindo . [Main Library] “Eight border cantos: (The Wall, The Effigies, Target Practice, Cutting for Sign, Against the Wall, Agua, The Artifacts, and The Other Side) brought to life by a photographer and composer.” ~Rudy

Children’s Nonfiction

  • Bears! Bears! Bears!, by Bob Barner. [Palm View Branch] “Learn more about cute bears.” ~Maria O.


  • The Godfather, Part II, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. [Main Library] “Winner of 6 academy awards, including best picture, The Godfather part II continues the story of the Corleone family and also serves as a prequel to the original. One of the few instances where the sequel is as good, if not better than the original. ” ~Bobby
  • Sawdust and Tinsel, directed by Ingmar Bergman. [Main Library] “A moving tale about a failed traveling circus ringmaster named Albert and his band of outcasts. While navigating the Swedish countryside, the circus stops in Albert’s hometown. Being around his estranged wife and children, Albert feels the need to try and set things right by them. Sawdust and Tinsel is a film that tugs at the heartstrings of the audience and never lets go, because, the show must go on…” ~Rudy
  • Everybody Wants Some, directed by Richard Linklater [Lark Branch] “This is a movie about a college baseball team on the last weekend before the start of a new semester. It is low key but very enjoyable.” ~Sean
  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle, directed by Peter Yates. [Main Library] “Director Peter Yates preserves George V. Higgins’ hallmark dialogue and complements it with exemplary cinematography showcasing the Boston area locations and the vivid character set of assorted lowlifes and the cops who pursue them.” ~John D.

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