November Staff Recommendations

Come on by your favorite MPL location and enjoy the latest selection of books, Blu-ray’s and DVD’s recommended by our dedicated staff!

November Staff Recommendations



  • The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah. [Main Library] “This is not just another novel set in World War II. It is the story of sisters and women who do what they can to survive and help others. You will be drawn in and not want to put this book down until you’ve finished.” ~Beverly
  • The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver. [Lark Branch] “A heartwarming tale about growing up, what it means to be a mother, and friends that stand the test of time.” ~Jacqui

Science Fiction

  • Daughter of the Empire, by Raymond E. Feist. [Main Library] “An excellent book for fans of the grittier Game of Thrones style political fantasy genre, the story follows a minor noblewoman who seeks to bring her family back into a position of prominence.” ~Robert B.


  • The Little Book of Letting Go, by Hugh Prather. [Palm View Branch] “Interesting, teaches people to let go of things and live happier.” ~Yolanda
  • Bird by Bird : Some Instructions On Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott. [Main Library]  “Anne Lamott simply guides her readers through a series of topics relevant to writing along with advice on how to deal with the negative emotions that inevitably arise when working on a piece. I found this book full of wisdom and humor for aspiring writers and those looking to incorporate writing into their daily lives.” ~Amanda
  • Pygmalion, by Bernard Shaw. [Main Library] “A classic play with a strong female lead that examines class, social, and gender differences while providing a twist on the expected romance.” ~Doris

Spanish Fiction

  • La buena tierra, by Pearl S. Buck. [Palm View Branch] “Es una obra maestra.” ~Maria O.

Spanish Biography

Spanish Non-Fiction

  • Familia contra enfermedad, by Stephanie Simonton. [Main Library] “Este libro trae Esperanza–la esperanza es un ingredient esencial en la recuperación de la salud.” ~Ema
  • Práctica y deliciosa! : cocina sin gluten, by Phil Vickery. [Main Library]  “”En este libro usted prodra volver a disfrutar una infinidad de platos, tantos dulces como salados, poco frequentes en las dietas libres de gluten.” ~Ema


  • The Things You Kiss Goodbye, by Leslie Connor. [Electronic Branch] “It opens your eyes to experiences that are common in other cultures.” ~Joanna A.
  • If He Had Been With Me, by Laura Nowlin. [Electronic Branch] “It gets right to the point at first, but then it explains into great detail the story behind it. You will definitely cry.” ~Erin

Young Adult Fiction

  • The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle. [Main Library] “For a fantasy novel, this story captures the fleeting beauty and sorrow of reality and makes one appreciate their own mortality.” ~Alison

Children’s Easy Books

  • Fall Is Here! I Love It!, by Elaine W. Good. [Palm View Branch] “This is a themed book about Fall and can be incorporated into a seasons lesson plan for teachers.” ~Joanna B.
  • Fancy Nancy and the Fall Foliage, by Jane O’Conner. [Palm View Branch] “Fancy Nancy is always full of surprises in her books, a great story for children.” ~Joanna B.

Children’s Non-Fiction

  • How to Write an E-mail, by Cecilia Minden. [Palm View Branch] “A perfect book for students who are taking computer basics courses. This book teaches from how to create and email account to how to properly send and email.” ~Veronica H.
  • Create Your Own Podcast, by Matt Anniss. [Palm View Branch] “This book provides the perfect information to get you familiarized on what podcasting is and how you can start your own podcast too.” ~Veronica H.


  • The Asphalt Jungle, directed by John Houston. [Lark Branch] “It is a classic heist movie.” ~Sean
  • Being There, directed by Hal Ashby. [Lark Branch] “Peter Sellers is really good in it.” ~Sean
  • Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford. [Main Library] “Haunting film about the past loves and revenge. Great performances from Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.” ~Bobby
  • To Live and Die in L.A., directed by William Friedkin. [Lark Branch] “It is a classic crime thriller and it has a great chase scene.” ~Sean
  • All Our Wrongs Today, by Elan Mastai. [Palm View Branch] “Time Traveler, Tom Barren ends up in the wrong 2016 and faces hard choice to reset his reality, live in the now, or in an alternate one. But is this really his choice to make alone. Find out in this great Sci-Fi audiobook read by the author himself.” ~Rolando
  • How To Be A Latin Lover, directed by Ken Marino. [Main Library] “These days love stories are usually centered around young people. This story about love and relationships involves members of the older generation, which I think is delightful.” ~China
  • Little Big Man, by directed by Arthur Penn. [Main Library] “Relive 121-year-old Jack Crabb’s, a.k.a. Little Big Man’s account of growing up Cheyenne, his involvement with Wild Bill Hickock and how he was the only white survivor of Custer’s Last Stand at Little Big Horn. A 1970 adaption of Thomas Berger’s satirical novel by the same name.” ~Rolando

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