December Staff Recommendations

Come on by your favorite MPL location and enjoy the latest selection of books, CD’s and DVD’s recommended by our dedicated staff!

December Staff Recommendations

 Dec Staff Recs


  • LaRose, by Louise Erdrich. [Main Library] “One day while hunting, a man accidentally kills his neighbor’s 5-year-old son. As a result, the man gives his son, LaRose, to the grieving family as a sign of respect and apology. LaRose explores both families and each of their paths to forgiveness.” ~Rodolfo
  • American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. [Palm View Branch] “Shadow Moon is released from prison a few days early due to the death of his wife and best friend. On his despondent journey home, Shadow meets Mr. Wednesday who leads Shadow down an even darker path than despair. Now a STARZ Original series you can watch, but the book is always darker. Contains adult content, not intended for children under 18.” ~Rolando
  • Behold the Dreamers, by Imbolo Mbue. [Main Library] “Camaroonians Jende Jonga and his wife Neni land jobs in America and pursue the American dream during the days preceding the Lehman Brothers debacle. They soon discover shady dealings and family secrets in their workplaces and must decide whether to stay or go back to Camaroon. These characters will stay with you for a long time.” ~Kate

Spanish Fiction

  • Más allá de las ilusiones, by Richard Bach. [Main Library] “Bach, mientras se debatía entre la vida y la muerte, recibe la visita de algunos de los personajes de sus libros, que le ofrecieron sus sabios consejos y su consuelo.” ~Ema
  • Justos por pecadores, by Fernando Quiroz. [Main Library] “Despues de casi treinta años, Vicente se arriesgará a investigar en los archivos del Opus Dei en busca de los motivos que lo llevarán a desertar.” ~Ema

Graphic Novels

Children’s Easy Books

  • Froggy’s First Christmas, by Jonathan London. [Palm View Branch] “A great tale about the meaning of Christmas and the value of friendship for families to share.” ~Joanna B.
  • Bear’s White Christmas, by Catherine Lukas. [Palm View Branch] “A great character book for children to read that is Christmas themed.” ~Joanna B.
  • Christmas Gifts, by Susan H. O’Keefe. [Palm View Branch] “This book is great for a Christmas Story time.” ~Joanna B.
  • Rio Grande Valley ABC, by Rickey Pittman. [Palm View Branch] “A child’s ABC book about things familiar to those of us in the RGV.” ~John D.
  • Sector 7, by David Wiesner. [Palm View Branch] “A pictures-only story of an artist-inspired cloud mutiny with a nice steampunk feel.” ~John D.

Young Adult Fiction

  • Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood. [Main Library] “A ludic, character-driven enigma of a story that grabs your attention instantly.” ~Alison

Science Fiction

  • West of Eden, by Harry Harrison. [Main Library] “This book features good characterization and a very well-thought out fantasy setting based on an unusual premise – what would the world have been like if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs had missed earth instead?” ~Robert B.


  • P.S. I Still Love You, by Jenny Han. [Electronic Branch] “Everyone usually recommends “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” (the first book) but I believe this one is the best of the series.”  ~Joanna A.
  • My Life After Now, by Jessica Verdi. [Electronic Branch] “This book gives you some insight on how different people with HIV react and how difficult the process is.” ~Joanna A.


  • Ulysses S. Grant, by Josiah Bunting. [Lark Branch] “It is a nice concise biography of President Grant.”  ~Sean
  • Abraham Lincoln, by George S. McGovern. [Lark Branch] “This is part of a series of concise biographies of the Presidents. It is a good series.” ~Sean
  • Vivir en dos idiomas, by Alma Flor Ada. [Palm View Branch] “Una frontera entre la literatura y la historia.” ~Maria O.


  • Sitting Like a Frog, by Eline Snel. [Palm View Branch] “Great book gives parents tools to help their children deal with anxiety through meditation.” ~Yolanda
  • If the Buddha Got Stuck, by Charlotte Sophia Kasl. [Palm View Branch]  “A great book to read if you are feeling lost and trying to figure out your path in life. This book will help you meditate about what it is you need to change in your life to become a better you.” ~Veronica
  • The Fire This Time, by Jesmyn Ward. [Main Library]  “It can be difficult to talk about race in light of recent tragedies and protests. This book of short and accessible essays presents points of view worth noting and considering on being Black in America .” ~Kate
  • Public Enemies, by Bryan Burrough. [Lark Branch]  “It is an interesting book and it covers more than the movie based on it.” ~Sean


  • Under the Dome, by Stephen King . [Palm View Branch] “An invisible force field seals off a small Maine community from the rest of the world, bringing the worst out of it’s residents. The Master of Horror blends Sci-Fi, Suspense and Horror in this epic, apocalyptic tale. The audiobook is read by Raul Esparza, one of the best and most entertaining narrators today.” ~Rolando
  • Holidays On Ice, by David Sedaris. [Lark Branch] “David Sedaris reads six darkly humorous short stories in his signature style.” ~Erin

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