October Staff Recommendations

Come on by your favorite MPL location and enjoy the latest selection of books, CD’s and DVD’s recommended by our dedicated staff!

October Staff Recommendations


  • The Queen of Swords, by R.S. Belcher. [Palm View Branch] “Companion volume to Belcher’s Golgotha series; both a sequel and a pre-quel!” ~John D.
  • Doctor Dogbody’s Leg, by James Norman Hall. [Main Library] “A very amusing collection of short stories about a one-legged naval surgeon who enjoys telling tall tales about how he ended up losing his leg.” ~Robert B.
  • Those Who Hunt the Night, by Barbara Hambly. [Main Library] “A vampire themed mystery story set in Victorian times following a former spy who has been tasked to discover who has been murdering the vampires of London.” ~Robert B.

Science Fiction

  • The Drowning Girl, by Caitlin R. Kiernan. [Main Library] “Dark, perplexing, and haunting, this is one of the best dark fantasies I’ve read in a long while.” ~Alison


  • The Heavenly Table, by Donald Ray Pollock. [Electronic Branch] “A band of outlaw brothers, an Army lieutenant who is at a personal crossroads, a lonely small-town sanitation inspector, and an aging farmer on the verge of losing his farm, again. Donald Ray Pollock’s The Heavenly Table does an exquisite job of blending and twisting all these characters’ (along with others’) stories together. A must-read for any southern-gothic and thriller fan.” ~Rudy


  • The Self-Discipline Handbook, by Natalie Wise. [Palm View Branch]  “An easy-to -apply guide for anyone on their hustle to become successful.” ~Veronica H.
  • Healing Houseplants, by Michelle Polk. [Palm View Branch] “Learn which plants have which health benefits and then find out how to care for them effectively in your home or office.” ~Veronica H.
  • Wade In The Water, by Tracy K. Smith. [Main Library] “Smith takes inspiration from documents like letters from African-Americans enlisted in the Civil War and queries to free enslaved family members, in addition to beautiful, wry lyrical poems. Smith was 2017 U.S. Poet Laureate.” ~Kate

Graphic Novels

  • Wet Moon: Book 1, Feeble Wanderings, by Ross Campbell. [Main Library] “A moody, comforting slice of Southern Gothic, alongside beautiful art showing diversity of body and race in its mostly female cast.” ~Alison

Young Adult Graphic Novels

  • The Tale of One Bad Rat, by Bryan Talbot. [Main Library] “It’s a powerful story of a teenager who comes to term with her horrific upbringing while travelling as a vagabond throughout the UK.” ~Alexis

Young Adult Fiction

  • There’s Someone Inside Your House, by Stephanie Perkins. [Main Library] “This is an interesting thriller, full of suspense, blood & gore. I read it alone at night which was the perfect scary atmosphere. Read if you dare!” ~Joann

Children’s Easy Books

  • La Catrina, by Patty Rodriguez. [Main Library] “Adorable board book that introduces children to La Catrina, a popular and historical Mexican icon.” ~Priscilla
  • Goodnight Opus, by Berke Breathed. [Palm View Branch] “B.B. (author/illustrator of the Bloom County series) does a bed time story that both children and adults will enjoy, along with the engrossing illustrations.” ~John D.

Children’s Fiction

  • Chains: Seed of America, by Laurie Halse Anderson. [Main Library] “At the start of the Revolutionary War, a slave girl, Isabel, embarks on her own journey toward freedom in this historical novel that will hold you spellbound.” ~Kate

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