Movie of the Week: Hickok

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This is a new column about movies available at the McAllen Public Library.  This column will feature less well-known movies, not huge blockbuster hits (although we have those also).

The first movie in this column is Hickok from 2017 starring Luke Hemsworth and Trace Adkins. Hemsworth (the oldest of the three Hemsworth brothers) stars as “Wild Bill” Hickok.  He wants to escape his past in a small town in Kansas. In movies like this, men like Hickok can never escape their past and he becomes the town marshal.

I enjoyed the movie. The actors’ performances are good.  Hemsworth is good as Hickok (his American accent was good) and I thought Adkins was just as good as the villain.  Adkins is a singer, but he has had a second career as an actor for a while.  Bruce Dern and Kris Kristofferson have supporting roles,.  It is nice to see a new western.

This review from the Hollywood Reporter is well-written and offers some good insights, although I think I liked the movie more than the reviewer did. It might help you decide if it’s a movie you would like to see.

The McAllen Public Library has two copies of Hickok on DVD to reserve. You can put the DVD’s on hold with your library card and PIN, and then pick them up in our curbside pickup service when you receive a call from our Circulation Department.


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