The Lincoln Lawyer

Cover LL

After writing several novels about LAPD detective Harry Bosch, Michael Connelly switched gears and wrote a legal thriller the Lincoln Lawyer about a defense lawyer, Mickey Haller.  Mickey does not have an office. He meets clients in his Lincoln town car, and that is why he is known as the Lincoln lawyer.  He has two ex-wives, one of whom is a prosecutor and the other is his office manager. He defends people that he knows (or at least suspects) are guilty of the crimes they are charged with, but if someone has to defend them (and get paid for doing it), it might as well be him.

One day a rich man charged with assault hires Mickey.  This looks like a case that will last a while and make Mickey a lot of money, which is something that he would like.  Things are not as simple as they appear and there is unexpected link to one of Mickey’s former cases.

I liked this novel a lot. Haller is somewhat cynical. He is not above making a fast buck or overcharging a client a bit (he hired an expert for a client but charged the client for non-existent travel expenses for one example).  He can be ruthless in the pursuit of his fee and at one point he makes a move to keep a client in the jail for a longer time until the client makes a payment. He might be the hero of this story, but he is not an ideal hero.

I enjoyed the courtroom scenes.  I have read my share of legal thrillers over the years, and I do enjoy a good legal thriller from time to time. I enjoy stories told in the first person point of view, and this is told from Haller’s perspective/point of view.  Readers will get a real sense of who the character is and what he believes in and what matters to him.

There are other novels featuring Haller including the Gods of Guilt.  If you enjoy this, you might like to read some of Michael Connelly’s Bosch novels.

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