Almost Human was good and had potential

Almost Human

Almost Human was a TV show about police in the near future that ran on FOX for just one season. Karl Urban played a cop named John Kennex, who was coming back to the force after recovering from an ambush that left him with gaps in his memory and severe injuries. Michael Ealy played an android named Dorian, who was more human than the other androids the police used. Dorian’s programming was called Synthetic Soul but most of the androids with that programming had emotional breakdowns.

This was mostly an episodic show with some continuing plots.  One was the mystery surrounding the ambush that Kennex suffered. Another continuing plot had Dorian adjusting to his return to duty. John did not want an android partner and even threw one of the less human androids out of his car. (Though he had a reason for doing so.) Dorian was John’s last chance and John was Dorian’s last chance.

This series is worth watching. The futuristic crimes and the technology to commit them are interesting and I enjoyed seeing John and Dorian’s partnership evolve. Ealy and Urban are good in their roles. A highlight for me was episode 9, Unbound. It incorporated Gina Carano, who co-starred as a combat android on a rampage. That episode contained the best fight scenes of the series, in my opinion.


Maybe the series could have gotten better if it lasted longer than one season. Some of the supporting cast could have had more to do in a second season. The supporting cast had some nice moments but the show revolved around the Keenex-Dorian partnership.

The Lark Branch Library has a DVD set of Almost Human available to borrow. Also, check out this episode of the Canceled Too Soon podcast, dedicated to shows, like Almost Human, which were taken from us too soon.

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